What is the Difference between a template and a Custom Built Website?

Once you have decided to move forward with investing in a new website for your business one question remains... What platform to use?

Do I go with a custom built website or a use a template service like WordPress or Shopify for my website? Which path best suits my business? What are the differences?  

  • A customized website is adaptable to your company’s needs
  • The website will have a completely unique design
  • Your website can have bespoke features and functionality
  • A custom website can easily grow and change with your business

Custom Built Websites are designed to impress both customers and search engines.

Research & Strategy

We begin every project by getting to know your business. Our Website Team will research your competition and target audience then build a strategy for how your website would look and function best. Don't settle for a template. You're better than that.

Design Specialists

Our team knows how to take your ideas and make them look outstanding while providing top notch performance. We build websites to impress both your customers and search engines.

Programming & Development

Our website package takes care of everything from the initial research and home page content to the transferring of domains, setting up email accounts, and more. We provide quarterly reviews and unlimited updates once your site is live. We leave nothing unattended.

What are the Pro´s of a Custom Built Website?

One thing to keep in mind is that templates and themes normally come with built-in features so that the user can have more customizability. However it is very likely that you’ll have to put up with features, designs, and functions that wont necessarily fit your brand or business.

Not sure what website
will best fit your budget and needs?